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Business To Business



Option 1


We pay

monthly fee to retailer plus 30% of profits

for machine placement in the store.

Roam Bean Vevor Commercial 2 Bowls Frozen Beverage Dispenser

We supply cups and straws, owner just adds ice.

Option 2


We pay

monthly fee to retailer plus 20% of profits

to stock 300 of 140ml bottles monthly in your store.

Roam Bean 140 ml plastic bottle

Free restock delivery!

Option 3


We pay

commission per 440ml bottle sold

Earn $2 per sale with your code, friends save $1, no purchase necessary!

Roam Bean 440 ml Glass Vietnamese Cream Coffee Bottle

Must register referral code.

Option 4


We pay

monthly fee to you plus $2 each cup sold

Sell anywhere, even home—permit provided by us.

Bold Vietnamese Salted Crema Coffee_edit

We provide the coffee to you at no cost.

Select the B2B option that fits your business.

To learn more details:

Call: 510-514-6470 ask for B2B
Or Email: - Subject: B2B

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